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Sports,Same-sex relationships, and just how America isn’t as progressive as it believes it is.

Let’s talk about the kiss cam for a second.

Sure, it’s just a novelty act of sporting events, to keep fans interested and to promote a positive crowd experience amongst patrons….. but, you’re not gonna see a same-sex couple on that screen kissing each other.

It registered to me last night at a game, that America ( or at least American sports culture) maybe isn’t as accepting of certain things as it purports itself to be.

Maybe it’s just cause you just can’t “point out the gays” from scanning a crowd looking for canoodlers, maybe it’s cause it’s in bad taste to target people, or possibly… it’s cause people want to play it safe, and not do anything out of the “ordinary” because they’re unsure of the reaction it may get from tens of thousands people who have varying opinions on everything…and only have the fact they like basketball in common.

I just find it a tad bit peculiar, how the NBA can go on a ” don’t use the word gay as a synonym of bad/displeasure” campaign,fining Kobe 6 figures for calling the refs fucking faggots, be in all out support of Jason Collins (despite him being a bum ass nigga on the court), and you’ll still not see the support permeate into events within the arenas….niggas doing the bare minimum,just so they can get them brownie points and stopping at that.

I’ve always held the belief that America is in love with the idea of progressiveness, but it’s not really about that life…. and here is just another instance of it.

in General, sports are the last frontier for you to actively/openly promote all the shit you aren’t supposed to be in support of in todays society….but they’re also a barometer of how people really feel about things.

so here we are, faking the funk…yet again.

It’s kind of amazing that for how big Kanye West is, he’s nowhere close to as big as what MC Hammer was.

it’s kind of baffling as to how MC Hammers career gets thrown to the wayside, and not even mentioned as far as some of the biggest black acts( or just acts in general) in recent history.

Niggas only remember Hammer for going broke, Not for putting the city of Oakland on his back, having KFC Commercials, a fucking cartoon and selling millions of records.

act like you never did the Hammer dance, act like it.

Conversations with myself. Pt.2058492

I talk to myself a lot. Not cause I have nobody to talk to, but because in the cluttered abyss of my mind shit just needs anecdotes on shit.

This is me, just adding cute markers on shit in my life….I don’t need to put shit in order, just some notes on why shit is the way it is.

Ive done a tad bit of reflection, and questioning as to why I’m stuck in rut….

And I came to the conclusion, its because there is nothing negative in my life.

Yeah, I know negativity ain’t cool….but there is just sometime about ignorance and negativity that just feeds me.

When I was just prospering on all fronts, at any point in my life….I had something actively negative in my life… it doing illegal shit, so I could pay for college…a awful ass lightskinned girlfriend, a “unstable” living situation, or a few other not so cute things….but all types of positive shit was getting rained on me at levels where I’d turn shit down, and literally 10 other things would pop up.

I realized that shit just wasnt right for a long time and began to seek out something negative, or at the least….stressful/abrasive/uncomfortable.

Im not getting drunk at 10:30am anymore, I pay bills, I don’t try to cheat the system, I don’t lend my “insight” to friends who want to go on capers…..and that’s good and all that, but there was something missing in my life…..and I did an “quality control” analysis of my situation and decided to just use the Costanza method to fix things.

I.e. whatever you would normally do, do the opposite.

Im not even sure its that I “need” negativity in my life…its more that I need something to irritate me to get me going….and I know one will come with the other.

At times I think I’m going crazy, because all of this makes perfect sense to me and its been proven to work.

Like forreal, what nigga dives into holes, buries himself in dirt up to his neck, just so he can dig himself out…..just to do it again?

I’ve understood myself and antics at a young age…but couldn’t really articulate myself in a manner that I could get across to adults…..cause a 5 year old doesn’t really know how use pop culture references, rap lyrics, purposely crass devices and juxtapose shit in a cohesive/humorous manner like the bigger version of me currently does.

I already have this figured out in my head, and I’m just putting it online just so one day somebody who might care about me will stumble upon it and think just a tad differently about how my world works.

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