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Being an “understanding guy” really sucks….

especially in real life.

that whole knight in shining armor shit is just for the internet,lifetime movies and fairy tales.

yeah, you’ll get props for being a “good guy” but that shit only goes so far. Hell, you might even get thanked for your patience and understanding by the person.. but still it only goes so far.

having to put up with the bullshit,irrational insecurity,enabling ass circle of friends, and problems another dude caused just straight up fucking sucks..

i didn’t realize it ‘til i became that dude..and at times i still wish i wasn’t raised to believe that keeping your word and loyalty are things to pride yourself in. I coulda saved myself all sorts of trouble. 

Trying to save/salvage/repair someone cause you see potential in them is more on some fucking john henry vs. the steam hammer type shit than some happily ever after type shit.

cause more times than not, you become the stepping stone for someone else to reap the benefits of your work.

Fucking tauruses i tell you, they don’t listen for shit, and are hell bent on doing things their way even when everything they’ve done has turned to shit.

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